We understand that you want to stretch your marketing budget to the max. Therefore, our team consists of professionals who intelligently participate in your process, and see possibilities, anywhere. We push on where others recline. We get energy out of developing creative and, perhaps more importantly, efficient solutions. Energy that we are eager to share with our clients.

Management team

Everybody Likes Penguins is led by three passionate marketers who do not only manage their team, but also personally engage in content creation.

Hugo van den Hurk

Strategy Director

Hugo is a creative marketing strategist. No matter how intricate your request, Hugo will surprise you with a concept that evokes exciting response among your target audience. He understands that you want to go beyond the mere reaching of your target audience, and seek interaction.

Hugo’s secret is revealed during brainstorms: in his mind he never opts for the highway from A to B, but prefers sightseeing. As he explores the scenery, he discovers amazing concepts.


Jules van den Hurk

Creative Director

Jules is our virtual virtuoso. When briefed, he will listen attentively, and goes on to create powerful images that capture your message. When asked to deliver an online marketing campaign, he fuses design and usability until a magical interaction emerges. For transmedia campaigns, he intelligently combines the various channels to ensure their mutual reinforcement – impactful beyond doubt!

Jules is excited about ads that don’t feel like ads, and meat from the vegetarian butcher



Joyce van Eerden

Creative Producer

Switching tasks, Joyce outpaces the processor of her iMac. She manages our designers, programmers, and copywriters to make sure your request is handled as we promised. Her creative view on design and communication will give your project wings. In addition, the world of social media and online marketing fits Joyce like a glove.

Outside of time spent at work, there’s always a creative project that consumes her all. When in need of advice, she consults her 11,000 followers on Twitter.


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