Attention is not for sale

Attention is not for sale

You want your message to reach your target audience. This may sound easy, but attention is not for sale! You can reach your audience with online and offline ads, but does your message get the attention you want it to get? As communicator, you cannot demand people’s attention or force them to remember what you have to say. Your audience will independently decide whether or not to pay attention. Is your message a topic of discussion? Does it stick with those you want to reach?

New advertising extends beyond sending

At Everybody Likes Penguins, we enter the minds of the people you target. We want to know everything about your audience. Next, we translate your message into a campaign that intrinsically motivates your target audience to pay heed. We deliver surprising concepts that trigger conversations. Communication involves both sender and receiver. New advertising extends beyond sending, and is all about ideas that come to life. About stories that travel the globe.

Downsize your media budget

The stronger your campaign, the less advertising space you will need to buy. We stretch your media budget by creating cutting-edge concepts that do not feel like advertising.

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