About Everybody

A state-of-the-art, full-service agency

We translate your goals into marketing campaigns that deliver results, both online and offline. We keenly participate in your process, and see opportunities anytime, anywhere. With excitement we take on your assignment and push the boundaries where others recline. For full-fledged campaigns, an iPhone app, or even a stand-alone flyer – feel free to connect with advertising agency Everybody Likes Penguins. A new era requires a new approach.

We don’t like traditional advertising

More brands, more media, less time. In reality, target audiences don’t actually watch the majority of ads, or ignore them. Traditional campaigns try to buy attention by bombarding prospects with banners and airtime, rather than creating goodwill among potential customers. Both online and offline, advertising agency Everybody Likes Penguins takes a different approach. We translate your message into a campaign that comes to life among your target audience. New advertising extends beyond the mere sending of a message.

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